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New Home

Custom homes are the center of our interests and dreams. We like to see them exemplary in all aspects.

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AS Electrical Ltd. offers unmatchable solutions for electric fittings at your home or office when you renovate the whole building.

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The electric wiring and fitting in the commercial areas need special care.

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What We Offer

We are offering the following information's about us that what we actually do in the electrical services sector.

Electrical Fittings

Electric solutions blended with a sense of art are available with us to make your business or life at home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Secure Systems

For system security and productivity, we measure flow, temperature level and pressure in the electric work we provide.

Installation and Maintenance

Our wide array of electric services can solve every issue efficiently in your electric infrastructure with the help of infrared thermography and also choose the exact solution you need.

Safety Assessments

Safety is the priority in our entire service levels and we make it possible with careful assessment of performance and safety of every task we undertake in commercial and residential places.

Switchboard Improvements

We optimize switchboards’ installation or improvement to keep the performance of electric appliances efficient and avert any accident or mishap during the heavy use.

Panel Efficiency

We assure that the electricity supply system is efficient and divides the electrical power feed into subordinate circuits without any flaw or weak protection of fuses and circuit breakers.

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