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Welcome to AS Electrical Ltd

AS Electrical Ltd. is providing top-notch electric services since the past 20-years. We are approved to carry out different types of electric tasks at homes and commercial buildings. Our office is situated in Surrey and our managing team organizes our services for the entire area. We respond promptly to all-electric project requests that need our action and expert services.

  • We maintain high standards of professionalism
  • We deliver every task with honesty, efficiency, and hard work
  • No job can stand in our way to prove our skills and competence.
  • We can successfully handle all the tasks regardless of their duration or difficulty level
  • We are ready to respond to the call of our custmers at any time.


Serving all area equipped to handle your industrial and commercial repairs, remodels.

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Our staff always be on time, and be ready and willing to give you the best service possible.

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Providing high-quality electrical services to construction sites, commercial buildings.

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We’re on call to react promptly to your service needs.

What We Offer

We offers a comprehensive range of electrical services for domestic and commercial properties at a reasonable price.

Electrical Fittings

Electric solutions blended with a sense of art are available with us to make your business or life at home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Secure Systems

For system security and productivity, we measure flow, temperature level and pressure in the electric work we provide.

Installation and Maintenance

Our wide array of electric services can solve every issue efficiently in your electric infrastructure with the help of infrared thermography and also choose the exact solution you need.

Safety Assessments

Safety is the priority in our entire service levels and we make it possible with careful assessment of performance and safety of every task we undertake in commercial and residential places.

Switchboard Improvements

We optimize switchboards’ installation or improvement to keep the performance of electric appliances efficient and avert any accident or mishap during the heavy use.

Panel Efficiency

We assure that the electricity supply system is efficient and divides the electrical power feed into subordinate circuits without any flaw or weak protection of fuses and circuit breakers.

Our Projects

Our project shows what are the services we provide.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We adhere to the industry standards of efficiency and accuracy in both. No electric project is unimportant for us.  We take care of both big and small projects equally well. Our experienced electricians offer high-standard services and finish every electric project with utmost professional competence. Our secret recipe is knowledge. The team members have deep and inclusive knowledge of electric tasks and they understand how the best solutions work in different situations.

    Call for Immediate Service in Emergencies 604-729-4700


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